Apro Greentech is an AID to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) organization which will help you in turning your CSR projects into reality. Whether it is providing assistance on corporate social responsibility initiatives, planning a rural development project through the renewable technologies or it can be integrating green technology in your infrastructure. Our professional team can provide you with the required knowledge, implementation strategies and efficient products etc.

Any organization through its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives would like to see its efforts making some real impact. Initiatives which are innovative and can set examples for other organizations to follow, in achieving long term benefits, as well as sustainable inclusive growth for those who are in need. Today, CSR is one of the fastest growing issues across the business world, as companies increasingly recognize that real and sustained value can be generated through well managed strategic CSR and sustainability programs. Society has an increasing impact on business. Businesses are turning to CSR to become more ethical, environmentally-conscious and respectful to their people and communities. Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity to make an impact on society. It can become the backbone of your business. The essence of a strong CSR program is to manage these relationships in a way that delivers enhanced value for your company.

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Aprotech Green's Tree Plantation Drive is a response to the substantial climate change and sustainability challenges, like water supply and biodiversity loss. Through proactive advocacy by environmentally conscious partners and Aprotech Green’s project staff, this drive catalysed tree planting action in many parts of Mumbai.


Apro GreenTech is innovating "Sustainable Sanitation" Urinals for Public Spaces. Apro GreenTech "SUSLOO" sanitation units are one its kind and are constructed using :Apro GreenTech Bottle Brick innovation Recycled Juice Cartons Boards,Roofs / Recycled Aluminum Composite Boards.



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