Sustainable Advertising and Green Installations

We provide sustainable Green Advertising, Environmental Sustainability Promotions and creating Carbon Neutral Awareness. We’ve developed renewable ways to illuminate Hoardings Kiosk and Billboards with no electricity. These innovations not only reduce pollution but also reduce the Heat Island Effect. Our newly installed Solar Tree on key traffic islands and road medians in Mumbai uses no electricity for illumination. It also serves as a solar charging station for mobiles and laptops in public spaces. Sustainable advertising addresses the carbon footprint and other negative environmental and social impacts associated with the production and distribution of advertising materials.

  • Outdoor advertising in particular, has an enormous impact on our environment.
  • Apro GreenTech uses recycled materials and generates very little waste.
  • Reduces the heat island effect in cities,Promotes environmental awareness,Promotes power conservation Promotes renewable energy.
  • Eliminates dependency on coal powered electricity Promotes public participation,Promotes use of recycled materials,Promotes recycling / upcycling.


"Greening the Impossible" setup two Eco-Friendly structures called "ECO POD's" at Dharavi T-junction in Mumbai to promote sustainable advertising. The idea is to advertise and reduce the carbon foot-print of hoardings across Mumbai while also creating environmental awareness. This Green Initiative is being supported by the Honorable Mayor of Mumbai : Mr. Sunil Prabhu, and other senior officials of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). The structure promotes plastic bottle recycling and is aimed at increasing awareness about Re-cycling, Pollution and Up-cycling. Various up-cycled products using plastic bottles were displayed at the time of the launch, including trash-cans / brooms / couches / lamps / mirrors / planters.. This "ECO POD" is the first of its kind promoting "Sustainable Advertising" sources of energy and be off the grid in its energy requirements.