Recycling and Segregation

We provide solid waste management solutions to recycle and earn Carbon Credits from waste collected in addition to organization assistance in delivering a profitable business that can attract commercial investment and provide employment opportunities, environment gain, and carbon reduction. Greening the Impossible is putting into action and devising various ways to treat and dispose waste. Apro Greentech, in collaboration with the MCGM, has set up scientific recycling units to treat waste at a larger scale. We have put up dry waste centers in Juhu & Dharavi. Our recycling centers convert waste into a variety of environmentally friendly products such as plastic flakes, biofuel, biochar & biogas. We also offer Thermocol recycling and wet waste composting are some of the many services we offer.

Juhu Recycling Centre

Apro Greentech on Rashtriya Swachh Bharat Divas (2nd oct 2017) sets up a plastic recycling machine in our neighborhood juhu.

Get in touch with us to send your dry waste for recycling.
Collect 3500 pet bottles and win a recycled garden bench
Collect 500 pet bottles and win a recycled dustbin
Collect 50,000 bottles and donate a Susloo
Collect 4500 Tetra Pak Cartons to win a recycled bench


Dharavi Decentralized Segregation and Recycling Centre

We have been running the Dharavi decentralized segregation and recycling centre for the past two years successfully. In this centre we are collecting all types of waste from various parts of the mumbai. We are collecting more than quintals of waste of all types and store in this centre for segregation process. We have well trained people for segregation of this waste. We are segregeting this waste according to types. We are separating all recycling materials like paper waste, cardboard waste, plastic waste, tetra packs etc. for further recling process. Recycling process carried out by our Dharavi Decentralized Segregation and Recycling Centre. The remaining waste which contain mainly bio-degradable waste and inert waste are sendind to the dumping grounds.

The main features of Dharavi Decentralized Segregation and Recycling Centre are:

  • Large space land in which we can store large amount of waste.
  • Well trained prople for segragation of waste according to their types.
  • We hare providing well maintained and good frequency transport system for collection of waste.
  • Proper well maintain segregation system for further segregation of all kinds of recycle waste.
  • Innovative technological system to reuse and recycle this waste. For example, making of eco-friendly traffic island by using these waste materials.


Waste Management

The collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products. Waste management encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials, from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations.

Mumbai generates waste to the tune of approximately 7,025tonnes per day.The waste consists of:

  • 5,025tonnes of mixed waste (bio-degradable and recyclable)
  • 2,000tonnes of debris and silt

Salvaging it at source for recycling could make profitable use of such material. This will save national resource and also save the cost and efforts to dispose of such waste. This can be done by forming a habit of keeping recyclable waste material separate from food waste and other bio-degradable wastes, in a separate bag or bin at the source of waste generation We are putting constant effort is being made to separate the Dry and Wet waste at the source itself, so that the Dry wastes could be further segregated into different types of wastes and could be sent for recycling, resulting in lesser load to the landfill, sites. Our waste management program is really good and we are one of the cleanest business in mumbai and that made us very proud.