Solar Tree

A Solar Tree is a structure incorporating solar energy on a single pillar, like a tree trunk. It is a solar art work or a functional power generator. By creating the Solar Tree installation, we believe that by mimicking the way in which trees grow it might be possible to increase the energy captured per unit of surface area over the course of a year by an array of solar panels. Solar charging capabilities & creating solar work stations.

Solar trees are intended to bring visibility to solar technology and to enhance the landscape and architecture they complement. An objective of many solar tree installations is to promote awareness, understanding and adoption of renewable energy. Solar trees are complementary to rooftop solar systems, or other green building measures, symbolizing these larger investments and their environmental benefit.


Solar trees may build awareness and interest in solar technology also providing shade and meeting places. Solar Tree promotes renewable energy, promotes conservation and creates environmental awareness among the general public.

Solar energy is converted into electricity that could be used for a variety of applications like lighting, power generation. Because solar energy is free of pollution, available in abundance, to depend on renewable energy that is free from pollution and is safe for the environment.

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