Susloo ( Sustainable Sanitation Unit )

"First of its kind eco friendly toilet made with recycled materials & renewable energy."

Idea behind Susloo :

  • To reduce the carbon footprint of sanitation units across the Country. By creating a structure out of waste
  • By using recycled products we become part of the solution to the environment crisis we face today
  • Improving public convenience
  • Reducing pollution which generated through sanitation
  • To create environmental/hygiene awareness

Main features of Susloo:

  • Available in permanent & portable option
  • Portable option made by recycling materials like juice carton/milk carton , composite roofing & doors/panels partition, Permeant option made from APRO’s “BOOM BOTTLE BRICKS technology”.
  • Power system- Off-grid solar power system, solar power electric fitting (LED & Exhaust Fans)
  • Bio-toilets (optional)
  • Dual flush system (optional)
  • Eco-blocks (water free)
  • Bio-cleaners (optional)
  • Water tap
  • Air purifying plant
  • VOC free paint
  • Advertising Space

Susloo benefits to :

  • Women
  • Men
  • Children
  • Pedestrians
  • Tourist
  • Handicapped (special susloo can be made)

Areas of establishment :

  • Villages / Cities
  • Highways / Roads
  • Railway station
  • Under foot overbridge
  • Schools / Collages / Parks

Advantages of Susloo :

  • Use of recycled construction materials to reduce use of natural resources. Body made of fully recycled materials
  • Use of solar power system to reduce load on regular electric power system
  • Reduction in water consumption by using sensor to tap & dual flush.
  • Fresh air quality by using air purifying plant
  • Bio-composting unit/ bio-gas unit to reduce waste generation(optional for India)

Make a Difference! And RECYCLE
Collect 3000 pet bottles and win a recycled garden bench
Collect 500 pet bottles and win a recycled dustbin
Collect 50,000 bottles and donate a Susloo
Collect 4500 Tetra Pak Cartons to win a recycled bench
Did you know?
8,000 recycled tetra pak cartons can save 1 tree
15,000 recycled tetra pak cartons make one Susloo<
6,500 recycled tetra pak cartons make 1 bench
6,000 recycled tetra pak cartons make 1 roofing sheet
5000 recycled tetra pak cartons make 1 school desk
150 recycled tetra pak cartons make 1 notebook