Who we are?

Apro Greentech comes up with creative and innovative ways to treat waste & incorporate the use of renewable energy in your day to day lives. One of our key goals was achieved in 2013, when we constructed roads in a Mumbai suburb using recycled automotive tires. Promoting the use of renewable energy, our Solar Tree installations have been set up at 10 locations across Mumbai. We’ve also setup Scientific Recycling centers with a vision to Reuse-Reduce-Recycle household and commercial waste. All our endeavors are recognized and supported by the MCGM.

Apro Greentech caters to government organizations, corporate CSR & private companies. Be it planning a rural development project with renewable technologies or be it integrating green technology in your current infrastructure, our skilled team can provide you with required knowledge, implementation strategies and innovations to achieve your goals and give Mother Earth the life she deserves.


Abhijeet Sirkar

Managing Director


Aditi Sirkar

Head of Operations